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October 21st, 2007, 10:56 AM
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For those of you who've had waterbirths,

-How long did it take to set up? I think it took my husband about an hour to set it up and get it all the way filled. The filling takes the longest because it is so big.

-When did you decide to get in the water? I got in around 4-5 cm, then got out after a little while. It is most useful at the end- say from transition to birth.

-If you didn't have a heater, was it a PITA to keep the water warm? It wasn't a pain for me, but I don't think my husband enjoyed having to boil water and carry them up and down the stairs to heat it up. But that was only after about 8 hours of labor. If your labors are quick, there probably won't be a need to reheat the water.

-What position did you give birth in? One was upright on my knees. The other was semi-reclined, leaning against the back of the pool.

-How long did you stay in the water afterwards? For awhile. It's good to keep the baby in the water to keep him warm and relaxed. For one I got out to deliver the placenta. This last birth, I delivered the placenta while still in the water.

I'd say it's definitely worth it. I could never do another dry birth again.

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