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October 21st, 2007, 03:23 PM
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I really need to vent.

The hospital here in town is one of the worst I've ever seen ... maybe not medically, but the service is crap, the nurses are either pushy or passive, and I just generally feel constantly on my guard there. I was hospitalized for a kidney infection at one point; I ended up calling in a doctor I found in the phone book because NONE of the ones they were sending in were any good. One wanted to remove my appendix. He loved coming in and pushing HARD on my stomach, asking millions of times if it hurt. Duh, it finally did. He was ecstatic because "That's the general area of your appendix! I knew it was your appendix and not your kidney! We'll have to schedule surgery right away. I'll let the nurses know to prep you in the morning." He was really pissed when I told him never to come back. I thought he was going to hit me for a minute. The next day I specifically told the nurses to give me something for nausea BEFORE the antibiotics, because they made me feel so sick. Did they? No. They snuck in and added the antibiotics to my IV while I was asleep. They acted like they had no idea why I was upset when they brought breakfast and I was already throwing up in the bathroom. Two of them heard me say it and neither thought to write it down. And to begin with the ER doc treated me like a total idiot when I told him I'd had a UTI the week before and it hadn't gone away. He just could not believe someone would actually KNOW what was wrong with them. Needless to say, they're just not on the ball and I don't trust anyone who works there, so I definitely don't want to give birth there. There is no way another doc like that nutjob is getting his/her hands on me or my baby, or another nurse is ignoring my instructions. (Also, I was in the maternity ward because it's the ONLY ward with private rooms and they put me there so they could charge my insurance more ... the nurses just let people waltz in off the street! What is up with that? There are new moms and BABIES in there, and just anyone can walk in and open the door to your room!?)

That's a really long backstory but here's the actual vent. There is no way on earth I'm going to that hospital. I don't really want to go to any hospital at all; my ideal birth would be a homebirth. I'm a very private person and I can't even imagine going to a birth center with all sorts of people around. That would be really upsetting for me. DF agreed to a homebirth if I can find a midwife I like. Shoot. A midwife I LIKE? I'd be happy to find a midwife, whether I like her or not! There are none to be found! I'm looking at traveling about 2 hours (or 3, if I want to go the other way) just to get to a midwife who'll only deliver at a birth center. I know this is Louisiana and a midwife is an odd request, but NONE within a reasonable distance? Adding to the upset, we could move between now and then ... I'd feel really badly meeting with someone now and taking up space for her, then dropping her later because we moved. The situation where we'd go isn't any better, so the chances of my finding a midwife there are also slim to none ... late in the pregnancy would probably complicate things more because anyone I find might already be full. And being out in the country there too, I'm definitely not going to find someone who'd do a homebirth.

DF keeps asking when I'm going to call someone for an appointment. He asked again this morning, and I said "Honey, WHO am I going to call?". Know what he said? GHOSTBUSTERS. Ugh! I know he was trying to lighten the mood but I wanted to punch him. You know, it might be easier for me to get ahold of Ghostbusters than a midwife!

Oh, yeah. To get to a DECENT hospital would take at least an hour. There's only one in town and none any closer than that! I guess that would be my last resort.

All this crap has me considering UC again. DF is really uncomfortable with that, especially because of the hospital situation, but I feel stuck here. I don't know what to do.
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