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October 23rd, 2007, 12:10 AM
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Of my homebirths 3 where on land and the last 3 in water. All of them went good but after I had my first waterbirth that was the way for me. I'm quite small and only was 125 and my biggest for the waterbirths so I could fit comfortably in our tub. I was in the same position for all three. I was in the sitting position with a small pillow used in a swimming pool positioned under my but(for comfort) and one behind my head. I was told the water helps your labor go faster and I would agree. Honestly it has been awhile so I don't remember the exact time I got in. I just listened to my body and knew it was getting close. I just felt so comfortable and relaxed in the water. For two of them I stayed in the water and delivered the placenta for one of them I put a pan in the toilet and delivered the placenta there. Each time after the placenta was delivered the tub was cleaned out and then fresh water with some herbs was put in the tub. Baby and I would get in together. We would have the door to the bathroom shut and a heater on so it was plenty warm for my precious new one.
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