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October 23rd, 2007, 12:54 AM
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All my older kids were at each birth.
Even for my 2nd child I had in the hosp. I had a friend come and hold my 3 yr. 8m. daughter. I also didn't want her to be gone and then magically her brother appeared. She stayed for the birth kissed her baby brother and was ready to go play after that.
With the next 6 births being homebirths they were always right there. With a couple we even had to wake them up because they had told us they didn't want to miss it and I didn't want them too either. It is amazing how children respond when you are open and you tell them exactly what is going on. They were always so quiet. I remember I would be sitting on the couch and having a contraction, I would take a peek at them sometimes and they would be barely whispering to each other or just staring at me. I felt so at ease with them around. Plus there was always someone to run and get me more grape cubes. Yes, I couldn't have made it through without them. I froze grape juice in small bite size ice cube trays and sucked and ate them during labor.
One precious moment I remember is with our last one I was losing energy and was having a hard time pushing. I was in the tub and all the kids were around. My DH asked what they could do? I told them to pray that I have the strength to push our baby out. They had a still shot camera there and one of the older ones saw my then 5 year old, he was sitting on a stool and had his forehead resting on the wall praying. It was a bonding time for everyone.
Whatever makes the birthing mother the most comfortable it what should be!!
Good Luck to all the expectant mommies!!!!!!
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