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October 23rd, 2007, 07:53 PM
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I had my 37 week appointment on Tuesday October 16th and I had a weird feeling I was going to be sent to the hospital. They checked my blood pressure and it was high so my doctor said I should go over to the hospital and be monitored for a couple hours to see if it will go down on it's own, if not they will induce me. I was pretty scared cause it was a shock. I called my sister and told her to meet me there. I called DH and told him I would update him if I was going to be induced because he was working on a huge project for school.

After being monitored for about 1 hour they told me I was staying the night and they would start induction. They wheeled me down to a nice L&D room and set me up on the monitor. My blood pressure was scary high! My doctor kept threatening me with magnesium but I held that off till the next day. They put in my cervigel and I went to sleep.

The next day was hell. I was started on pitocin and I couldn't feel much. My blood pressure was still high so they started magnesium and it made me feel like complete #####. I couldn't see and I was boiling hot. The day just kept getting worse. My contractions became slower because of the magnesium and they decided to break my water when I was only dialated 1cm. It hurt SO BAD! Then came the catheter and the internal baby monitor. I think they were trying to torture me! I slept mostly the rest of the day until about 4am. The pain was so intense so I got my epidural. It was absolutely amazing! I slept until they came and told me the chance of a c-section was likely unless I made some serious progress. By noon I was only 4cm so we prepared for a c-section. I wasn't all that upset because I had been through so much I just wanted to get my baby out.

Everything happened so fast. I was wheeled down to the room and completely out of it. I was hooked up to everything and given the spinal drugs. I didn't feel anything but pressure and I was trying to stay awake and not be sick at the same time. DH was doing great and very excited. They pulled her out and she cried and I felt so happy. I cried and I couldn't wait to see her. She barely made a peep after they cleaned her up. They finished me up and wheeled me into recovery. I was so out of it from the drugs that I barely realized what had happened. After going back to the room I felt a lot better and I got to hold her and love her! She is so beautiful.

The next couple days in the hospital were complete agony since she was sent to the NICU because of the magnesium but she did great and I'm so happy to have her home!
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