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October 24th, 2007, 08:18 AM
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Well, in my opinion (just a mom, not a doctor, but I've been through this very thing), 10lbs5oz is not a healthy weight for a 6mo old. It sounds like she was born at a healthy weight (my son was 6lbs 15oz, induced at 37wks for issues with my health) and is growing on her own curve. She sounds just like my son (jaundice, very alert, hitting all his milestones on time or early, reflux, and no weight loss, just not *enough* weight gain each appt). For us they started with blood and urine tests, upper GI, sweat test and even an ultrasound on his kidneys. They can't find anything wrong with him except his lack of appetite and he was put on an appetite stimulant. They had to rule everything else out though before they decided to do that. Just last month we *graduated* from all his specialists and he was declared to be *just small*. He just turned 2 and is about 23.5lbs and 33in tall, smaller than most of his friends, but not abnormally so.

My SIL has a 4 mo old little girl that weighs about what your daughter does and she's already been in the hospital twice and they had her switch from breastfeeding to formula (which did make a big difference in their case) and she's had numerous tests run. At this time they are contemplating surgery and fitting her with a G tube.

My thoughts/opinions are that *I* would have tests run to make sure there isn't anything wrong with her. Testing is scary, but for me, peace of mind was more important. It doesn't necessarily mean anything is even wrong with her, she just may need some help in the calorie dept. We've met with two nutritionists and they have given us different ideas of things we can add to food to increase my son's caloric intake. Even for being a little guy (which he gets commented on all the time) he has more energy than you can even imagine. Good luck, let us know what you guys decide.
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