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October 26th, 2007, 07:49 PM
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I think I know how you feel. I never ever wanted kids, and was actually overjoyed when I was told I was infertile. We were even using condoms and I still got pregnant. There are things that I have always wanted to do, dreams that I have, and they are seriously postponed now, if I can even get to do it. I have to depend on my boyfriend to support me and give me a good life now and that is also something I NEVER wanted. I LIKE making my own money and paying for what I want. Its the best feeling in the world. Now I'm going to be a mom. Will have to worry about paying for child care, what shifts hes on, what shifts I can work, will be limited to how many hours I work, revolving my life around someone else when I enjoy my freedom. It sucks and my baby isnt even born yet.

But you are in a happy stable relationship. I am as well. That alone is a dream that many many people want and never get, so I have that to be thankful for. I would take giving up/postponing my dream to have my boyfriend in my life than to have my dream NOW and not have him. Gotta find things that make you happy, thats all you can do. Im sure you will feel better when your baby boy comes, and you will wonder how you ever lived without him. I dont know what your dream is, but I'm sure there will be a way to work around it, even if it does require postponing for some years.

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