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October 26th, 2007, 09:26 PM
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I'm actually just lurking here, cause I have some concerns about my 7 month old (will be 7 months this weekend). We are having sort of the opposite problem in that I am very concerned about my ds's weight, but no one else is including doctor and family. Lucas was born on time at 7lbs 3oz. He had a very quick birth, and we dealt with a low body temp for the first 24 hours which made him drowsy and not hungry, and didn't latch well. His lowest weight was 6lbs 7oz. Last week he was weighed at 13lbs. and he's still only 25 inches long. I keep asking the doc if there's anything wrong and the doc doesn't seem too worried. I've asked at the last 3 appointments. My family tells me that I shouldn't worry and he looks normal to them. He does have chunk to him and seems to be just a small build. Skinny and long runs in our family and also skinny and short, so it could be genetics......I just don't know. He has gained the 1lb/month which doc says is normal (1-2lbs) and is growing steadily on his own curve.

He is now still not bearing weight on legs, not sitting up on his own (starting to get better, but still nowhere near unnassisted), only rolls from tummy to back. As far as other milestones I would say he's on track or more advance in fine moter, language, and social development.

I live in a place were there are is not really a choice of doctors as there is a doctor shortage. I'm in Canada, so we don't pay for healthcare, and to see a specialist I would need a referal from my own doc who thinks that everything is fine.

Sorry if I hijacked your post, just though I would give you something to compare too (as our kiddos are almost the same age) and get some advice on my own situation as well. I don't know what to think.

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