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October 28th, 2007, 12:50 PM
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Coming to this post a bit late.

For us, the doctors became concerned about Anna's weight when her curve started to flatten. She was gaining appropriately, and then just kind of stalled out until she eventually fell off the healthy range of the chart altogether, though she never actually lost weight. She showed no other signs of anything wrong with her whatsoever besides poor appetite. She was super alert, hitting all her milestones early, very energetic, etc. However, I was warned that eventually things would catch up to her and her body could not sustain her development with such few calories. We saw several doctors, nutritionists, etc., and the sentiment was consistent. There is a difference between "just small" and "TOO small." Some doctors are jumpier than others, as I've seen others moms being told by their doctors that their babies are too small when they are still several pounds bigger than my daughter. If you are unsure, I would plot her weight along a standard growth curve and see where she falls and the general shape of the curve. Falling down across percentiles is a red flag. A growth curve that is significantly flatter than the norm is a warning sign as well.

As far as the breastfeeding vs. formula recommendation, I would try to see a lactation consultant. I would want to know if the breastmilk production is adequate and rich enough. I have heard of rare cases when it isn't. For my daughter, for example, I produced far too little. Like, less than an ounce per feeding, but she has just never shown significant hunger cues. I had no choice but to switch because I was starving her. Your case is probably not that severe, but your daughter may be similar to mine in that she just doesn't care how much she eats. I was very, very big on breastfeeding, but when I saw that it was not enough to sustain her health, I had to turn to formula. Some doctors are just too formula happy, but there are some cases where it is necessary, unfortunately.
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