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November 2nd, 2007, 09:29 AM
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IM sorry that your going through this! My daughter was unplanned and i was on BC... But i have to say if you arent ready for children then maybe you shouldnt be having sex... I mean even thought my daughter was unplanned i was always taught that if you are having sex you could get pregnant so even though i was young when i was having sex i knew if i were to get pregnant i would accept my resposibilities. Luckily i wasnt too young!

Anyways I cant tell you what to do or what you should do but i think you should look at your life and whats important to you... is it a wedding or people canceling reservations .. or is it family? You can make "excuses" im not saying that in a bad way.. but thats what they are... i think you should really think about this!!

Also... is this your 3rd pregnancy? I know you said your second but when i was reviewing your profile you say IN may before (assuming since you say you had an abortion in the summer and it was written in may)...
"...we tell eachother everything and I know shes not going to be happy at all. she made me get an abortion last time..."
So if this would be your 3rd abortion i would talk to healthcare professionals about the risks of infertility!

Good Luck with your decision... and do whats best for you and be sure to be more careful!

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