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October 3rd, 2005, 06:20 PM
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well i guess it's about time i did this. on tuesday the 27th i went to my doctors appointment my doctor did an internal. he said i was 4-5 cm and having contractions. he sent me to the hospital. i got checked there and was still the same. i got antibiotics because of my GBS and walked around for an hour and they checked me and there was no change. then they let me go home, eat and come back at 7 for my next dose of antiboitics. they checked me again then and there was still no change. right after they checked me i felt my water breaking, so they got me all set up in a room and i walked around between checking the babies heart rate every 15 minutes. i was still at 4-5 cms and my contractions were very mild. i thoguht if this is labour...i can handle it. then at around ten after 1 in the morning my water broke fully, a huge gush!!!! then i progressed really quickly to 9 1/2 cm in an hour. then i was really feeling the pain and asked for an epidual, which really really helped. but i must say it was the wierdest feeling when they were putting it in. then i started pushing at around 2:30 and pushed for 2 1/2 hours! at 5:09am on september 28th Rylee David Stanley Powers was born. he was 7lbs 5oz 20 1/2 inches long. i didn't tear or anything and have pretty much fully recovered after 5 days. i still have about 10 lbs to lose, but i seroiously think it's all boobs .
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