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November 3rd, 2007, 11:20 PM
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Well we got to the hospital around 4 am for all of my pre-op fun.. IV, blood work, and what not, they hook me up to the monitors and I was having contractions like every 4 mins LOL!!! It all went by pretty fast, I was getting really scared, not sure why, not like i haven't had one before... but my nurse was so nice, until she told me she had to do a catheter before my spinal... I told her she was mean, she laughed, she did it really fast and yeah it hurt but she did well to make it not hurt as bad, oh and the cool thing was my pre-op nurse was my nurse in the operating room too... About 5 mins before go time they had dh get dressed in his gear, little did they realize he is 6' 5 and 325 lbs so he could not sit, when he tired he blew out his first suit, LOL!! Next the spinal dr. came in. he was AWESOME!! I told him about my tooth ache and he even gave me so pain killers so that I didn't have to deal with that on top of everything else that day.. so then we are off to the OR.. I am still talking to the spinal guy and he's telling me that not to freak out if I can't feel me breathing since part of my chest could go numb, so i told him i was very clausterphobic he then told me that as long as I can talk I can breath...boy was that a mistake on his part... I talked and made dumb jokes the entire surgery!! Apparently I amused the whole team in there, LOL, dh said they were all laughing with me.. it was a little weird when he did my spinal cause he hit a nerve pocket and it made my right leg kick out, I kicked the nurse, and we both jut kind of looked at my leg, cause i didn't move it, it was a bit odd, she just figured it was her pay back for the cath..... so then my dr. comes in 15 mins late due to a traffic accident... and his asisting surgeon was really nice, so then they put up the curtian and I tell them they are not allowed to tell me when they start, I did start to feel a bit nauseaous but told the spinal dr. and he took care if it right away, then I feel some hard pushing on my chest.. I ask the dr. if he was working on the wrong end, but apparently Ray had his booty wedged up under my ribs, I have bruises from where they had to push so hard to get him out, when he was finally out he didn't cry, he was breathing but he didn't cry he just peed all over the dr. ( i couldnt see this ) who exclaimed oh gross, cans some one get me a towel.. I was like for what!! what's gross, then the dr. said he peed on me, I replied it's a boy?!! and my dr. went oh yeah, I yelled " Woo Hoo he has balls!!! " they kept telling he was so big, but when i got to see him he is so tiny to me!!!! That's pretty much it, nothing else really to report.. but i will share my most embarrassing hospital moment... So for the night shift I had a male nurse, which to be honest freaked me out at first, but he was wonderful one of the nicest most caring nurses I have ever had, anyway I was going to the bathroom to change my pads and i had those nice hospital fish net undies, well when I was done going potty I couldn't find my undies anywhere, I looked in the trash can, in the toilet, I mean everywhere and I could not find them, so I called for my nurse, he came to help me and i told him what I needed and he said no problem went and got me another pair, well he was helping me put them on when he noticed as he got to around my knees, there were my old undies.. they were still around my Knees!!! I had on compression hose to prevent blood clots and could not feel them... he tried so hard not to laugh but I told him it was ok.... so that's pretty much it...

Thank you Kara!
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