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November 5th, 2007, 07:14 AM
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Last night, i went to a walk through play, called Judgment Day at a church. this was a play you walk to the different scenes in different rooms. It was wonderful but anyways one of the scenes. Was of heaven and it was so nice, it smelled good and was a good temperature and everyone in that room was beautiful and had pretty white gowns and wings. The thing that got me though was there were fluffy clouds on the floor that the angels were standing on and on the clouds were little kids like toddlers and then some babies sleeping on them and they looked so peaceful. It reminded me of all of our babies. I know it was just a play but in my heart that is where i know they all are and i know they are being taken care of, it just made me peaceful. I started to cry when i saw it because it was so wonderful to see and be reassured. Anyhow just wanted to share with you guys and maybe lift your spirits. Please, let me know if i offended anyone.
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