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November 6th, 2007, 06:46 AM
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Wow, I wish I could say that one thing to make you relax and fell secure in your decision!! 6 of my 8 children were born at home. Some of the things that I would do to prepare for my home births were: take a bath and rub my tummy talk to my baby and say positive statements. Such as everything will be O.K. Birth is a natural thing. My body will know what to do. I would be breathing long deep breaths. I would then visualize going through the birth. I think this helped because then when it came time for the real thing everything seemed real natural and just kinda flowed. The most important thing is to find time for just YOU!! I would also rub tummy while I was laying on the couch and say statements. I wanted to feel such an emotional attachment to my baby. I wanted to know it wasn't just for me but being relaxed and calm was going to help my baby too.
As far as housework you need to slow down and save some of that energy for birth. Believe me their will always be dust and clothes laying around, at least in my house their is. But, you know it doesn't do anyone any harm. I hope if your husband sees you this way he will start to pick up a little bit of the slack.
I would also keep a journal and write positive remarks in it. I tried to block out all negative thoughts. I only concentrated on the positive. I would continue to do my kegel exercises, rub my tummy with vitamin E, drink my raspberry leaf tea and let other people do as much as they wanted for me. I wanted to know I was in control and that the things I did would affect the outcome.
You have so many well wishes coming from people you don't even know. I'll be thinking of you, and hoping to hear updates on how things are going.

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