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October 5th, 2005, 03:54 PM
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My sister talked for years before i was born, about having a baby sister or brother. Once my mom got married to my dad, and got pregnant with me, It was like my mom was a trader. She even tried to kill me a couple of times (please dont let that scare you, my sister was 13 almost 14) but did have to share a room with me.

Most siblings are upset, but once your baby is born, they will take a look at him/her, and fall in love. My sister went to live with her father, when i was 6 months old. She moved back in when i was 2, and up until she got married we couldnt have been closer.

She is now 31, and has 14 half sisters and brothers on her dads side. She still gets a little jealous of them, just resure them that you love them, and altho things will change, your love for them wont.

Sorry if i didnt help. but things will start looking up.
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