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November 12th, 2007, 06:55 PM
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What kind of dad is your DH/SO? Hes a great dad. Very hands on. He will change diapers without one grunt or complaint. He will sit and play 'dollhouse' with DD for hours.

How does he interact with the kids? Plays, talks, teaches.

How does his style work with yours? Sometimes we click and sometimes we dont. lol. There are moments when I have to correct him But most of the time we agree on the parenting stuff.

What drives you crazy? The way he explains things to the kids sometimes. He does it in a dorky way. LOL!!! I tell him to quit talking like mister rodgers

What does he do that makes you so glad that he's the father of your kids? Hes very loving and playful and puts alot of time into them

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