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November 15th, 2007, 10:10 PM
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On Saturday (11-10) night we went into L & D because I thought that I was starting labor... We found out that it was false labor but I was dilated to 2cm and 80% effaced. So they sent me home after giving me a relaxant and told me to go to sleep. So we went to sleep and I got a good night's sleep.

I woke up on Sunday morning around 9 am and started having contractions again... We waited the whole day, I took a nap, Jason baked bread, muffins and brownies. About 9 pm we started to actually time the contractions and around 10 Jason called L & D to see what they wanted us to do. The nurse told us to come in if the contractions got stronger in the next 30 minutes. Well, they did get stronger and were getting closer together so we went in and arrived there around 11. The nurse hooked me up to the monitors, decided that I was in labor and I asked to have my intrathecal and epi catheter placed. So she started an IV, it took her 2 times to find a vein. Around 2 am I got my intrathecal (AMAZING PAIN RELIEF!) and they placed the epi catheter. After that was placed I slept for a couple hours till it wore off and I started having pain again. Around that time ( I think it was about 4 am) my OB came in and told me the Bryce's heart rate suggested that he was in distress while the intrathecal was working and that we may end up with a c-section if his heart rate didn't get better. I ended up asking for them to give me the epi but they only gave me a little bit which wore off again in about an hour, after they broke my water around 6 am. When the OB broke my water we found that it had meconium in it so she ended up calling Respiratory Therapy telling them to be ready for when Bryce was born so that they could make sure he didn't aspirate anything. I again asked for them to up the epi. They did but again it only lasted a short time. At 9:30 my OB told me that if I felt like I needed to push to go ahead and push... So I started to push with every other contraction. At 10:30 she told me that I had to push with every contraction and since I didn't have any sort of pain meds it hurt so bad that I couldn't sit still while I was having a contraction and was walking, squatting and everything else while I was contracting. Around 11:30 I finally couldn't take the pain anymore and was completely screaming, cussing and verbally brutalizing Jason, the nurse, and my OB to get me the full epi so I didn't feel anything anymore... I also kept telling my OB that I didn't think that Bryce was moving down at all and that I thought he was stuck. Jason was a complete trooper telling me that I could do it and that I just needed to push.

We finally just made the decision that I needed a full epi and that Bryce was stuck so we were going for an urgent c-section. I had about an hour to wait so that the epi got to the full effect and got to call Amber and Carissa to let them know what was going on. I was just so tired when the decision for the section was made that I just about fell asleep waiting to go into the OR. Jason got really nervous and started to cry because he didn't want anything to happen to me or Bryce and because he felt bad that I was going through SO much pain only to end in a section.

They finally took me back to the OR around 12:30 and brought Jason back around 12:45. It was definately an interesting feeling to be cut open, especially when a nurse ended up having to go in vaginally and push Bryce's head back a bit! I found out while the section was happening that Bryce got stuck because my cervix had a bit of a lip on it still which started to swell with me pushing AND that the boy had his right hand on his head which he didn't want to move at all! He DID NOT have the cord wrapped around his neck like we thought he did. Bryce was born at 1:06 pm and was healthy. His apgars were 9 & 9, he didn't aspirate any meconium and was given the all clear... He weighed 7 lbs 12 oz. and was 20.5 inches long! He was definitely a big baby for my body! I was taken back to my room immediately after surgery because I was the only patient in L & D at our hospital (I was the only patient the entire week!) I got to hold Bryce immediately and spend some time bonding with him and Jason.

Having a c-section was defiantly an experience for me since it was my first surgery ever! I still hurt quite a bit from the surgeon pulling on my right side as hard as he did... but the good news is that Bryce is perfect, I'm healthy although a bit anemic, Daddy is adjusting well and so is Robbie... Robbie loves Bryce to no end! He's really a great big brother!

So here's a picture of Bryce Mathew! I'll post more in the picture forum!

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