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November 20th, 2007, 02:15 PM
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Homebirth is often a safe and viable option for VBAC mamas, of course depending on the reason for the cesarean & type of cesarean.
Failure to progress is one of the most common reasons for cesarean, often b/c of the high incidence of induction & theyre often
good candidates for vbacs. Also - another common reason for cesareans is suspected large babies... and often times the babies of
successful vbac moms are bigger, with little to no complications!
Homebirth is actually considered safer for low risk mothers with a skilled attendant such as a midwife. The reason being - fewer
interventions, more flexibility in movement, etc. IN the hospital, your movements are often restricted, pitocin is often used,
and you can face complications from those things alone. Pitocin can lead to hyperstimulation of the uterus which in turn leads
to fetal distress, hemorrhaging, etc - the contractions are much harder to deal with & your movement is restricted by monitoring,
making it harder for your body & cervix to progress, harder to deal with contractions, harder for hte baby to descend & get into
a good position, and you often resort to drugs like an epidural - which only further complicate matters. Epidurals definitely
keep you bedridden, and have the added impact of slowing labor. So now - youre flat on your back, being given drugs to counter
act all the effects, which in turn have negative impacts of fetal distress, your baby cant descend or get into a good position easily
so youre "failing to progress", and after a certain period of time - cesarean. Especially if they broke your water b/c now
youre at "risk of infection" from all the vaginal exams to "monitor your progress".

See the domino effect?

Homebirths - typically little to no vaginal exams unless absolutely necessary, and not after your water has broken b/c risk
of infection is real & why mess with it when it doesnt really matter how "fast" youre dilating?

Also, because you have more freedom to move about, you are less likely to have trouble with the birth of a large baby. Doctors are
typically not trained in how to vaginally deliver anythign other than the "average" - they are surgeons & so naturally their
answer to such things is... surgery. Nothign WRONG with that if thats what you want, but for those mothers and women who want
more... a skilled attendant who is used to doing that is the obvious way to go. And where you choose to do it is up to you.

Risk of uterine rupture is of course most women's primary concern... but in ideal situations (no pitocin, mother moving freely about, etc)
the risk is less than 1% - your chance of complications from pitocin is higher than that!!!

ANd with uterine rupture - of course there are stories of homebirths where this has happened (in fact a member here experienced it)
but homebirth midwives are trained to spot the signs & transport BEFORE it is critical.

So, I would suggest calling around - check with homebirth & birthing center midwives & see what your options are & air your
concerns with her.

And - BEFORE you get pg, regardless of your choice of birthing location - pick up the books:
A Thinking Womans Guide to a Better Birth
The VBAC Companion
Guide to Childbirth - (has some awesome inspirational stories in it!)

Good luck,

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