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November 23rd, 2007, 07:35 AM
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It all started one fine day when I returned home from the doctor and reality had set in that I was going to be delivering Ryan on November 15th 2007. I was filled with excitment and also fear of starting all over again, but the excitment outweighed the fear. I woke up at 600am on the 15th of November and DH was awake since he did not sleep at all cause he was excited as well. We headed to L&D and were of course a little late, we were to arrive at 730 but got there at 8am. Below is the time table of events that took place.
8am-Arrived at L&D and finished registration
830am-Shown my room in the birthing ward, where I would be delivering, and recovering all in one. The room had a flat screen TV, Couch bed for DH, Fridge, shower, bathroom, bathtub for baby. it was very nice.
930am- was in the bed, nurse was starting the IV which she started in my left hand but then had to finish it in my right.
10am-IV fluids started, Stadol, and Pitocin was also started.
1030am- Pitocin was increased, she increased the pitocin every 30 min about. Contractions were getting stronger and but when checked I was efaced and only still at 3cm.
11:30am-I was asked if I wanted an Epidural and I said yes, the contractions were very very strong at about every 2 minutes on the dot and they made me almost cry, DH was very worried but was being super supportive.
1145am-Epidural was in, I was told I could increase the or give myself more epidural medicine every 30 minutes or so, I was unsure at how long I would be pushing so I hit the button about 2 or 3 times.
12:45pm- I felt still pressure and pain and the contractions in my lower left side and the nurse turned me over on my side cause she said that there was a "window" where the epidural did not get to, once I was on my side my BP dropped and Ryans HB dropped, she quickly turned me back over on my back, and at that time it was 1:00pm about.
1:00pm-I was all numb and still felt pressure but there was no pain.
1:05pm-Doctor came in and the nurse told him I was at 3cm when she checked, the doc checked me and said that I was at 9cm and the nurse was shocked that i had dialiated from 3cm to 9am in that short time.
1:15pm: Doc got on scrubs, DH and I were shocked that this baby was coming and very soon, I pushed a total of 4 times and at:
1:23pm-out came Ryan.
He scorded a 9 9 on his agpar test
afte a couple of hours I felt like I could do anything, was full of energy and felt this way as well the next day, until...

4am: I was laying on the bed nursing ryan and all of a suddent gushes of blood came out of me, I also had felt something like a clot come out, i went to the bathroom and sure enough there was a clot the size of a cordless phone in my pad, I showed DH, he went to get nurse, they left me on the toilet from 4am to 6am cause there were some emergencys that had to be tended to first, i guess my bleeding out was not severe enough, i could not move off the toliet or i would have seriously i think bled to death.

The doc came in and said i was ok, and it was normal, within the next couple of hours, i had passed another clot the size of a grapefruit which was not fun, I am still bleeding to this very day, but not that bad, i have clots some still just some little ones. The hospital staff was awful, i was in my room the night I delivered from 7pm til 8am without being checked on one time, DH and I were extremely upset, I complained and told the nurse that discharged me, the nurse was an old friend of my families and was upset that i was not treated right. But non the less, Ryan is great,

His schedules of eating and sleeping are still a little off, he sleeps at night from about 11pm til about 3am then eats and goes back to bed and wakes up at 7 or 8am, but the doc said he wants to do a weight check today since the nursing is not going to well, and also that he has not gained any weight or lost any weight since he came home, he was born at 6lb 14 oz, and was discharged at 6lb 9oz and on Tuesday he was 6lb 9oz still, so i hope that by me waking him every 2 hours to feed him has put the weight on him.


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