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November 23rd, 2007, 08:34 PM
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Wow, I didn't realize that time passed by so munchkin is 2 weeks old and I am jsut getting around to postin ghis birth story!! ok so here goes...

ok so my hip had been hurting prety bad so the doc decided to schedule an induction for 11/07...we were to go into te hospital at 6pm...we got there, got brought to our room and set up pretty quickly...i had the best nurses yiu ciould ever ask for the entire stay at the hospital.. =) so as agreed, they inserted Cervadil at 9pm....i was aklready getting pretty regular contraction so they we were hoping that the Ceravdil would just help to more things along a bit more...I was 1cm and still pretty high, but somewhat effaced, i dont remember how much though..,.anyway, so my contrations got a lot stronger sometime around 1-2am...they decided to check me, and i had made no progress of course ...DH who was going to go home when i feel asleep and return at around 6am decided to stay because i was getting pretty bad back labor....i asked the nurse for something to take the edge off...they gave me Nubain around 2:30....t worked wonders and I was fast asleep within 5 minutes.....

I didn't have much more pain again until they removed the Cervadil at 9am...I had made no progress!! this was not unusual they said...but it still made me prety mad.... anyway...around noon 11am after I had something to eat they started the Pitocin...boy rhat sucked!! the contractions that I was already having got intense and quick...DH was rubbing my hands, feet, back ...head...nothing helped....I wasked for an epidural around 5pm...everyone was having babes that day so I had to wait like hakf an hour for them which was not too bad...the epi was wonderful, adn they said it worked perfectly on was so weird...i could not feel my hips to myankles...but i could move my toes....eventually they i couldn't lift my legs but i could still feel my toes for the most part...then i got my catheder...didnt feel anything (thank God)....i was checked at 8pm by the midwife, and she accidentally broke my water...i was 2cm 50% at that time...some progress.....just very slow.........

with the epi i was napping all day, lol...i felt great just really pain, just really really one point AJ's HB went down and stayed there for about a minute...the nurse came into te room and made switch positions quickly, and gave me an oxygn mask...the doc advised to stop pitocin for abit....his HB was fine after that...a few hours later...same thing again..this happened enough times for me to be assigned a nurse by myself, instead of a nurse for everu 2-3 patients like normal.....anyway she stayed there talking to us pretty much tht ewhole one point they couldnt find the babys HB, so the doc put in an internal monitor on his head....this was much more 130am his HB went down to the 70s for almost 4 minutes ...that was te final doc came in and said its time to get him out....they started wheeling me out at 2am...and he was born at 225am on 11/09 ....the section was horrendous to me...i was so dizzy when they switched me from my bed to the operating room table...they had given me the nausea meds in my room soon as they said they were gonna cut i started throwing up...and didnt stop until they put him next to my head!! ugh it was so gross...and what made it worse was that i could feel everything they were doing on the right side of my body!!! i dont know why...i felt like screaming...i kept saying ow ow i didnt want them to put me out cus i wanted to meet and hold my little man...they told me he weighed 6 lbs 13 0z and i was shocked...i swore up and down he was gonna be at least 7 1/2 if not eight pounds...but he looked so teeney when they held him up to me!! it was love at first sight, and when i saw DH holding him, i fell in love wiht him all over again ...

so after that DH went with him to get him all cleaned up while they finished closing me up.....when i came back to my room, my doc gave me a hug and told me to get some rest =)...i love her, she is the greatest =) anyway they brought Adrian to me for maybe 30 minutes....after that they took him to tthe recovery nursery...i was given a shot of Demerol and some more pain medication and was sleeping in less than 10 minutes...when I woke up the next morning the first thing I asked for was my baby and then of course some breakfast.....they brought him to me and he was even more beautiful than before.....everyday i see something new and different in him...i couldnt ask for anything more....thank you for listening to my birth story!!!!
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