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August 16th, 2004, 03:10 AM
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I'm gonna lose it girls...

Bailey has been in a new bed for about a month, and at times she sleeps great. This morning she crawled into bed with us at 4am. Then she rossed, turned, and talked. DH finally got up for work, and I *thought* she was going to settle down and sleep. It was 5:30am, and she gets out of bed, opens, Josh's door, turns on his light, and wakes him up. THEN she decides it's time to go back to bed. I told her she was staying up awhile until Josh was ready for a nap, so that we could ALL go to sleep for awhile. UGH!!!

Then yesterday, I was doing laundry, and my ring got caught on the little flappy door on the lint trap, and it yanked a diamond out, and its in dryer neverland! DH took the dryer apart, but the thing could be anywhere! Thankfully we bought some guarantee, so it will be replaced free, but when I had it checked last, they said a prong was up, but because the diamond wasn't loose, they wouldn't fix it. Maybe they'll think twice now? UGH!!!

Sorry this was longer than I planned...
Thanks for "listening"...
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