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August 16th, 2004, 06:36 AM
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We had been using the door knob things on her door, to keep her from coming out (she was still unsteady on the steps). But we can't even close the door anymore - she's terrified to have it closed - even during the day.

And Josh's door won't close right. It's not warped, but we have certain doors that do/don't close right during certain weather - KWIM? Only his NEVER closes right. DH tried to correct it, but it still won't work. Bailey manages to push it open with a few good shoves...

I swear she has hit the terrible twos late! She has been pretty much the perfect child up until the past month or so...she becomes downright mean when she's tired, and she has been very mean lately...but she just won't nap - we've tried - and she's not sleeping that well at night...

All this is wearing on me...
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