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January 12th, 2005, 01:45 PM
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Ive been reading about you those of you who do the dont offer dont refuse approach to breastfeeding a toddler. What age did/do you generally start this? I nursed my daughter until she was 15 months old and then cut out the last two or three nursings by refusing one and then another and then the last one slowly. I plan to let my ds nurse until he decides otherwise, Im of course hoping he will last at least through 2 because the benefits are well documented for kids who nurse until at least 2. After that its all up to him, well I guess its ultimatley up to him if he quits befor that too, LOL. But anyhow, back to my original question, did you wait until you were ok with the nursing sessoin coming to an end to start the dont offer dont refuse or did you start at a certain age, is there an age you would reccomend starting at or not starting before? Nursing a toddler will be mostly new for me but and Im no where near ready to quit nursing, but Im sure there will come a time when I am.....

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