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December 1st, 2007, 12:39 AM
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There are several ways to decrease. Did you look at this site: Decreases

The main thing to know is that decreases either slant to the left or to the right. That link shows the difference quite clearly. I think in beginning knitting the most common directions are k2tog (knit two together) and ssk (slip, slip, knit).

K2tog slants to the right. All you do is knit through two stitches as if they were one. Insert your right needle into 2 stitches on the left needle at the same time.. and knit as usual! It can be kinda tight but you'll get the hang of it with practice!

SSK slants to the left. For this one, insert your right needle into the first stitch on the left needle as if you're about to knit it. But dont-- just slip it to the right needle instead. Do the same to a second stitch. Then slip your left needle back into these unknit stitches and knit them together.

I hope this helps!

What are you making? Or are you just practicing decreases?

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