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December 1st, 2007, 01:00 PM
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I haven't been keeping up with the post but in May I had an abortion and I had gotten pregnant when I was 19, I ended up miscarrying due to an blighted ovum (i think that's how you spell it)but this is not my 3rd abortion I would never do that to my body

I'm currently almost 12 weeks pregnant now, and still trying to get things together. I'm suppose to be happy but to be honest I'm not and I feel guilty because I'm not happy at all.
I feel like I'm failure. My fiancée is taking things way better than me he's actually happy about it. I feel bad because he wants to always rub my tummy and do sweet things yet I don't even want him to touch me anymore.

I just want to go up under a rock and stay there for the next 7 months. I hope I can get happy soon[/b]

It's okay not to feel happy about the pregnancy. It doesn't mean that once your child is born you won't nurture and love it. It may be that you need time to adjust to the pregnancy and the thought of being a Mom.

Can you think of any Pros to being pregnant. Your fiancee seems to be enjoying it, sounds like a Pro to me. Anything esle?
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