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December 2nd, 2007, 08:35 AM
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I am another fertile girl here, my last two babies were BC babies (different types both times and absolutely taken and used properly and on time, no antibiotics, tylenol or anything to counteract it, in fact #3 we used BCP and condoms because DD2 was a mini pill baby). And it is TOTALLY ok not to be excited when you first find out. When I found out I was PG with #3 I sat and cried for hours, DH was totally ok with it, but I didn't want it. I was so done with being PG (My other two were 5 months old and 21 months old) I was totally done after #2, and DH was on the list for the big V, and we were using BC (again ). I suffer from hyperemesis and SPD in pregnancy so it really wasn't something I wanted to be doing with a baby and a toddler. TBH I didn't really warm to the idea until the 20 wk scan and we found out it was a boy, suddenly after 2 girls I let myself get excited.

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