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January 12th, 2005, 07:33 PM
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First of all, Hi and welcome to JM. I am Kelly, I am 25 and I am one of the hosts here. Jen will come along later and say hey. Being pregnant unexpectantly is very difficult and is not made easier by unhappy family. You just have to decide what you want and what you want for this baby. and then decide how the father plays into that. some men grow up when a baby enters their life while others are always idiots no matter what you do and what comes along. My dh grows up more and more with each child. and we are on #4. That's not to say that he does not have his moments and yes he is an idiot sometimes. He can be a selfish pain in the @ss but he loves his kids and takes good care of them. you are the only one who knows your bf well enough to quess how he will be in this situation. If you do not think you guys can do this then you need to decide what you can do about it. do you want to abort or give it up for adoption (always my recommendation). You also know his family....will they chill out when they see their grandchild or are they totally dysfunctional? As far as smoking goes. I smoke when I am not prenant but for some reason as soon as I get pregnant it makes me sick as a dog...which is sometimes how I have figured out that I am pregnant. Yes there are some people that have perfectly healthy baby's whether they are smoking cigarettes or smoking crack but then you see other baby's that have major medical problems that could have been prevented had the mother quit her dangerous activities. I am a mother who had 2 children with medical problems and I followed every thing by the book. It aggravates me to see pregnant women smoke and say "oh there are lots of women who smoke and their babies were fine" but that's just my opinion.If there was something I could have done to prevent their problems I would have done it. Not a lecture honestly just an insight. It's hard to quit smoking...I know that. You just have to focus on what's best for the baby. If you have gone 4 days already that's a good start....keep it up! I am not going to start smoking again after I have this baby. (I hope) Please stick around and get to know the ladies here. There are many boards and the people here are awesome when you need some advice or just want to horse around. Let us know how everything goes. sorry so long I tend to get on a roll sometimes. Let me know if I can answer anything else or just if you need to talk.
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