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January 12th, 2005, 10:31 PM
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Once again, I want to thank you for listening and talking me through this! I have a really great family and group of friends that have talked with me, but it's nice to have someone elses opinion and help as well...someone who isn't directly involved!!

I did have a big talk with him tonight about my concerns and it turned out exactly like I expected, he got mad and started being defensive. However, I kept talking and forced him to listen and he seems to have come around.

I do have a job, I am starting a new one in a couple of weeks though that pays really nice. I am done with college, I went to a very good school (not that that matters) and I am capable of supporting this baby on my own, should I have to. I will be able to save a ton of money until the baby gets here as well, because I'm going to want the extra when the baby gets here. (for random baby things that I think I can't live without, and daycare--UGH!) I am not going to have to do this alone though. He wants the baby and wants to take care of it, and his crazy @ss parents even said that they would help him as much as possible to get the job done.

He works now, not the best job, but it pays his bills. He was planning on just keeping that job until the baby got here, then he would look for a better one. However, I convinced him tonight that it was a horrible idea to settle for that when the situation could definately be improved on.

Hopefully everything we discussed tonight will have soaked in, or I'll just have to wring his little neck!! We'll just have to wait and see though. I do have a plan, just in case he's unable to financially support this baby to the point that he needs to. I do want him to be a part of the baby's life, he's a great person and I would never want to deprive him or his child from that relationship.

His parents and I will have to negotiate putting some tape over their mouths inorder for them to be able be with the child...they're not allowed to talk bad about me around the baby!! Oh...I totally left this out, they're very religious...VERY...almost cult like, and they keep telling me that I shouldn't forget that I will have to pay for this eternally...but not to worry, they won't make the baby pay for the sinful way it was conceived. They've said that about 50 times already which makes me think that making the baby pay is EXACTLY what they will do. I told them that I couldn't wait for the night that I could lay my head down on my pillow and know that I was the most perfect person on this Earth, just like them!

Sorry I talked so much---again!! When is your baby due? Boy or Girl? I have quit smoking, and I'm going to stick by it, I can't promise after the baby's here though--I just won't smoke around the baby!! Have you had a good pregnancy? Thanks again for listening!!
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