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December 4th, 2007, 10:59 PM
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First, I'd suggest staying away from a middle name that starts with A or D so it's not
Raya A. or Raya D. D_____

Also, I wouldn't pick a middle name with a long A sound or one that ends in an A like Raya does. Since the first name ends in a vowel, I wouldn't start the middle name with one. It messes up the flow. Names also flow best if the first and middle have a different number of syllables or if they have the same number of syllables but the stress is on a different part of the names. Like since Raya is two syllables with the stress on the first, I'd use a two syllable middle name with stress on the second, or a different number of syllables.

Raya Brielle
Raya Cheyenne
Raya Christine
Raya Felicity
Raya Gabrielle
Raya Gianne
Raya Hilary
Raya LeAnne
Raya Michelle
Raya Mackenzie
Raya Noelle
Raya Natalie
Raya Stephanie
Raya Suzanne
Raya Tiffany
Raya Vivian

Good luck!
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