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December 5th, 2007, 08:01 AM
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Thank you all for caring about me! All of your positive thoughts are really helping me get more use to the idea of being pg. I am still teriffied.

Great numbers, congratulations!!!

Stacey: I'm so deathly jealous of women like you! I feel it right away, and get so sick that I have to be on medication, and I'm sick the ENTIRE TIME!!! Ugh. Woman, have 10 children![/b]

I have to agree!!! I had morning sickness with DD starting at exactly 6w until I was 7 months. After that I only threw up once or twice a week until I delieverd. I was so sick with DD I only gained 4 pounds over my original weight and my doctor kept threating to put me in the hospital if I could not keep something down. O' but it was well worth it!!!

I am kinda hoping I get the same thing with this one. At least then I will know the baby is growing like it should.

I did notice this morning that my BB's are getting fuller. They don't hurt or anything but are not as empty looking. I just keep trying to tell myself that we found out about this little one so early that I have not been pg long enough to have the symtoms I did with DD. I think we found out about this one a full a head of when I found out about DD.

I promise I will post an update about my u/s tomorrow

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