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December 6th, 2007, 05:58 PM
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I was just reading one thread about how a lot of women are getting pregnant on BC as well as having taken the morning after pill, and a question came to mind...
my bf and i use the withdrawal method-- i know not the best, and after this scare we had, we're going to use condoms religiously, but my question remains...
yesterday AM he came inside me thinking that he was in another hole (sorry if that's tmi), and i freaked out because i was looking online for fertilization info, etc. and came across my ovulation calender and yesterday was my exact ovulation day...
my question is this: how soon after intercourse can an egg become fertilized during ovulation? i took the morning after pill about seven hours later, and am wondering how effective it will be.
any helping info/words of advice?
it's much appreciated.
thanks so much,
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