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December 7th, 2007, 07:30 AM
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hi and welcome! I don't have a lot of experience here as my daughter is also FTT but just at 23 months old. She was fine before then.
Me persoanlly I would not be concerned about your daughter, most babies drop in percentiles at 5-8 months old because that is typically when there own bodies start developing at their own levels. I know NIhcole wen from 45th down to the 20th at 6 months and that was not a concern at all and I was told that is completely normal to drop there. Are you small? Or your DH? Genetics can play a roll around this age.
As far as her eating at night, that is a wives tale that says they will eat more during the day if yu don't feed them at night. If your baby is hungry at night then feed that baby! Thats just my personal opinion though..

I don't give vitamins since Nichole eats a well balanced diet, but when i do start giving them to her, I would only do the natural from food products one. Not the synthetic ones. Synthetic vitamins (flinstones and whatever) have to quadroopal the amount the baby needs because the body cannnot obsorb them properly. So thats my 2 cents

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