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December 7th, 2007, 10:33 AM
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Thanks so much!!! I wasn't worried until I saw that she dropped to the 5th percentile. I also know that she is burning more calories by crawling. You made me feel better.

My fiance isn't a big guy... pretty average and I was a tiny baby and scrawny kid growing up. I started getting to be average size in middle school. So, I guess she is following in my foot steps. i called my mom yesterday to ask her about me as a baby and she described me and it sounded like I was the same as Danika. She said to not worry about numbers.. it's just hard not to worry.

I read to add 1/2 scoup extra of formula to each bottle to add more calories.... I don't know. My dr didn't seem worried at all....


Check out Danika's website!

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