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December 7th, 2007, 12:37 PM
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Hi! Welcome! Sorry you are concerned about your daughter. I wouldn't start sounding the alarms just yet, especially if your doctor isn't concerned. I can't remember the exact numbers, but I seem to remember around this age that the average baby should be having 22-26 ounces of formula a day? I can't remember. Anyway, that was the recommendation, but my daughter was more like 16-18 ounces a day. I was then told that 16 was really the bare minimum before they felt they had to supplement with something else. How much does Danika average in a 24 hour period?

I have mixed feelings about adding extra scoops of formula when the issue is low appetite. I tried it for a while with Anna, but I found she just ate less. It is denser, so she will stop eating sooner. Plus, my daughter also got very constipated and I had to give her extra water anyway.

I assume you've tried different bottles and nipples? If it's too much work to suck, a baby who doesn't have a big appetite will quit sooner. Also, I would agree to try and eliminate the snacks. Is she distractable to push her back by, say, even 30 minutes? I would give it a shot for at least a week and see if her daily totals are about where she is now with her snacking. My daughter is 19 months, so she is no longer on bottles, of course, but this has been something we've had to do for her meals and it has helped a lot. There's only so much you can do with an infant, but if you work slowly over the course of several days or a week, you might be able to change her habits.
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