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December 8th, 2007, 05:45 AM
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So as you all know I was in preterm labor for 3 weeks. I went off the nifedipine on Sunday night at 11pm. All monday morning I was feeling contractions, some hurt some didn't. I used the online contraction timer and was having them about every 8 to 5 minutes. I called L & D and was told that I should call back when they hurt more or were all under 5 minutes apart. They got more painful but never under the 5 minutes. At about 1:30 am we went to bed, I have been listening to relaxation tapes, so I started that. I was about 10 minutes in when I felt what felt like the strangest kick, really hard and I almost heard it, like a loud pop, I thought to myself, that was really strange. About 10 seconds later I felt a little wet in my vagina.... I said outloud to my dh, I think my water broke and I stood up so I wouldn't get the bed wet. Gushes of water came out. I left a puddle of water on the floor while my dh went to get me a towel. I soaked that one, it almost came in waves, more and more water. I called my family and L & D and they told me to take a shower and come in. More and more water came out, I used 2 towels at home and 1 in the car and soaked my pants. I put on ones that were kinda like pajama pants and threw them away when we got to the hospital. On the way to L&D we called my doula. In the car my contractions started coming harder, stronger and more frequently. I think they were about 2 minutes apart by the time we got there. They checked me in, luckily I was preregistered so it didn't take long, but they hurt pretty bad so I had to stop talking for a while when they would come. We went to my room and I want to the bathroom and had pink in the toilet, which I found out was my bloody show, which I had no idea what that was. It took about 15 minutes for a DR. to come check me and I was 5 cm dialated at that point, 100% effaced and at station 0. I wanted to go natural and tried for oh about 10 minutes. My doula wasn't even there yet and I asked for the epidural, it was just too much for me and the doctor said it could take 5 more hours for me to get to 10, I couldn't do that. They gave me a shot of a narcotic, can't remember which while I waited for the epidural. It was something to take the edge off for an hour. They had to run a IV for a half an hour before I could get the epidural. So they started the IV and my doula got there. She started massageing my back while I was having contractions. I got to the hospital at about 2:30 am and got in my room at 3am, I got the epidural I think around 4:30 things are a bit fuzzy. It took about a half an hour to really work. I told my doula to take a nap and I tried to rest while my DH sat by my bed. The doc came in at 6 am to check my cervix and told me I was 10cm, we were all shocked. I was so happy, I mean smiling and everything. The nurse decided that I should labor about an hour more to see if the baby came down more, I was feeling pretty good so I said ok. At 7am I started pushing but I couldn't feel any contractions so they had to tell me when I was having one too push. After an hour with little progress moving him down we turned off the epidural for 20 minutes and then turned it back on less strong. It was a good thing we turned it down, I was able to push much better. I still didnt' have any pain, well maybe a tiny bit in my bottom. I pushed for another 1 and they called in the doctors. Pushing didn't hurt it was just tiring. I pushed three times for each contraction for as long as I could. When the doctor came in I pushed his head out. There was some burning but at that point I welcomed it because I knew that it meant he would be here soon. When his head started to come out they wanted me to push for 1 second then rest for 5, this would make tearing less. It took a few minutes I think to get him out all the way. Then relief, he was out. They put him on my chest right away and I was the happiest I have ever been in my life. He was so beautiful. All the while they were doing something down there, and I delivered the placenta. They normally give pitocin to make it come out and help the bleeding to stop but I asked not to have it and since I wasn't bleeding much they said ok. Then when I was ready they took him to be weighed and measured and he was 6 pounds 6 ounces and 19 inches long. I think he was a 9 to 10 on the apgar but I really don't know if that was what they were talking about. They cleaned him off and brought him back to me. At this point they were sewing me up, I guess I had a 2nd degree tear, so I think I had 2 stitches but I really don't know. I didn't really feel them stitching I was just so happy to have him in my arms. He was born at 9:32 am. It was just so great to have him, I couldn't stop smiling and crying. They kept me in the L&D room for 2 hours to watch me and the bleeding and then we moved to the Mom/Baby unit. He roomed in with me. I feel so lucky to have had such a fast and easy labor. I do remember in between the first and second cervix check I would close my eyes and visualize it opening. Then I visualized having contractions since I couldn't feel them and I wanted them to come so I could push more. I have to say that with the epidural the hardest part of the experience was the pushing only because I was so tired. I am sure I forgot stuff. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

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