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January 13th, 2005, 02:01 PM
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Well I am glad you guys had a talk. Don't worry about what his parents have to say. I am a christian but before that I had 2 kids out of wedlock and honey when I lay my head down at night I have no worries about that. It makes me angry when people try to push their beliefs on others. I would tell them that your baby has done nothing wrong so why would they take it out on him/her????? that's crazy! Some people just have to take everything to the extreme. It's good that financially you can take care of this baby on your own. But if your bf is gonna get his act together then that is even better.

I am having a girl. she is due in march 22. This makes 1 boy and 3 girls. Her name is Rayanna Moran. I have had a pretty normal pregnancy. I have had a lot of swelling and have developed carpal tunnel synrome and some nerve damae in my arms b/c of the swelling and the lifting I have to do at work ( I am a nursing assistant) but other than that no problems. There is a spot on the babys liver but they have stopped running tests on me and they are going to wait until the baby is born and do an ultrasound. sometimes inlaws have a way of coming around later. my mil and i did not get along for a long time but now we are very close. Not everyone is as lucky as i am to have a super cool mil though. I hope you stick around here. check out the other boards. when are you due??? we have due dates clubs. find yours and check it out. also on the other board I host there is a listing of companies that send out coupons for baby products. Many of these companies will send publications related to your pregnancy so they are worth signing up for now and then you'll get money saving coupons when the baby gets here. The link to frugal mommies is in my siggie and the list is stickied at the top. Like I said...Stick around!!!!
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