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December 8th, 2007, 03:26 PM
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I think this is a question that, unless actually faced with the decision, it is not possible to answer. First of all, it is impossible to imagine or assume the full scope of how such an event would impact you, physically or emotionally. Second of all, rape is not a cookie cutter crime, it is different for every single victim, from the degree and details of the attack to the recovery (and reporting if applicable) process and the victim's support system.
It is easy to mount the saddle on one's high horse and sanctimoniously proclaim "NO, NEVER!", but I consider it unrealistic, as well as insensitive. To answer the question, without the experience to draw from, you are, perhaps without realizing it, denigrating the victims of rape because the implication that you would have handled it correctly translates to your belief that they weren't strong enough, compounding the guilt and shame that victims already carry with them for a lifetime.
Even as someone who has experienced rape, I could never answer the question for anyone else. I know, had my experience resulted in pregnancy, I would have had an abortion. I cannot, however, speculate on a potential future decision if, God forbid, I were ever raped again because, again, I cannot and would not attempt to imagine every hypothetical detail, with every varying degree of violence and humiliation involved or the impact of the psychological trauma and/or physical injury that may result.
My point is, even if you were reading the graphic details of a violent rape, empathy is possible but the true nature of the experience is unimaginable and it is, therefore, impossible to postulate on the methods and measures that would necessitate your physical and psychological survival.
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