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January 13th, 2005, 03:22 PM
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Hi! I was also 23 when I got pregnant unexpectantly. I am now 24 and having my baby in May. Like you, my now fiance's family wasn't very supportive in the begining (we weren't engaged at first). His mother even swore when he told her! Then she was worried we wouldn't have enough money and accused her own son of being selfish when it came to $$$. Well, he really isn't and we only spend on what we really need and when the baby comes we'll just be even more careful.
Anyway, his family has become a lot more supportive now (mostly his mom, the others didn't really have a problem with it) and everyone is excited. My family never had a problem with it, on the other hand, so that made it much easier for me.
It looks as though you have really thought this through and you are obviously very intelligent so I think you'll be just fine! Try to enjoy your pregancy... that's something I had to learn to do... because it truly is a wonderful thing
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