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December 10th, 2007, 11:00 AM
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You cannot predict your reaction when you cannot predict the details of every rape!!

Well obviously everyone does not agree. I think there are many people that do not need to know every detail to know, or at least THINK they know, how they would act.

Obviously not, based on some responses.

Which responses? I didn't see any in this debate that insinuated anything like that.

People are trying to get a feel for how they personally might react to THEIR HYPOTHETICAL RAPE! You cannot know how you would feel, period.

Perhaps not, but that is assuming that everyone needs to know exactly how they would feel to know exactly how they would act. Is it possible to know how you would probably act without having to have experienced something yourself? You think flat-out no, apparently, I disagree. I think that some people perhaps can, to an extent.


Phrases like "thankyouverymuch" and "mmkay" are just plain old condescending. Could you not address people you disagree with like they're in kindergarten?

You are debating that you have imagined, in all the graphic detail, every unwanted touch, every tear and all of the pain, humiliation and guilt and can accurately predict, because you have just imagined your own rape, that you would be just fine and would have no issue carrying a pregnancy that resulted.

That's wierd; I don't remember saying that AT ALL!!!!

This debate is about ABORTION after RAPE.

That's right....and it is, I think, valuable and interesting for strong pro-lifers to try and imagine some of the worst-case scenarios that can lead up to an abortion, and try and figure if they would still be able to hang on to their strong views in the face of such traumatic circumstances. I actually think it's a GOOD question to ask oneself. If anything, asking myself questions like that has only increased my empathy towards people who make different choices than I think I might make....because there ARE situations, like this one, where I CAN imagine myself, a strong pro-lifer, coming to the point where I might at least consider abortion. I cannot, at this point in my life, knowing who I am and what I believe, imagine actually going through with it. That does NOT mean I judge others who choose differently. How else to we develop empathy if not by trying to put ourselves in other people's shoes and imagine what something must have been like to a degree? Of course you can't be entirely ACCURATE about it....but does that make thinking about it harmful?
Do you find every hypothetical "WWYD" question to be pompous, insensitive, etc.? Do you never hear of a story or situation and wonder what you yourself might have done had it been you? If you think you might have handled it differently, does that mean you're getting up on your high horse? People do this all the time, they try to guesstimate how they might feel, react, act in certain situations, but unless they are looking down on people who act differently then I dont see how it's any of the things you said it is.
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