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December 10th, 2007, 07:39 PM
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Actually... I don't really need much else, but I'll take the granola bars ones! And repeats of the ones you just sent are fine, too. I really am not buying a whole lot. I need to find a good chicken sale, but then that'll be it. I am nearly out of chicken! I have one whole chicken and one pack of split breasts left. I have lots of wings, but I get so bored with the wings... ugh. I think I'd like to boil a bunch and peel it and make something so I can get rid of them.

I love love love the granola bars, though, so I'm all over those! The kids love them too. And I'll have your free milk coupon after tomorrow too! woot. I should be able to get one more (I'm hoping) before it's done.
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