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December 12th, 2007, 01:13 AM
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I think the name Sophia is beautiful and the nn Sophie is cute.

I wouldn't let its popularity deter you from using it for a child either. When considering the popularity of a baby name, one shouldn't only take into consideration its rank among all names. One should also take into consideration how often it is used. Using the 2006 data given by the Baby Name Wizard voyager, for every 1 million babies born, there were 3,000 Sophia's. So, for every 1,000 babies, there were 3 Sophia's. Now, how many of us know 1,000 babies or young children? How many kids are going to be in your daughter's kindergarten class? 20, maybe 30? So, the statistical likelihood that there will be another Sophia in her class is slim.

What people forget to think about when worried about the popularity of a name is that there is such a diverse name pool that parents use these days. In the 1950s, a majority of the babies born had names in the top 20. Today, less than 10% of babies born have names in the top 20. Parents are much more creative nowadays and using names that do not even make the top 1,000.

Now, maybe the thing bothering you about the name is the "sofa" association? I didn't even think of that until I told a friend that Dh and I were considering Sophia for this baby. She said she knew a couple who named their daughter Sophia because they knew they conceived her on their sofa.
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