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December 14th, 2007, 11:08 AM
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That is definitely a possiblity. I actually have an appointment on Christmas Eve morning and there is always a chance that when they check you you could go into labor. I'm kinda hoping not to have her on Christmas, though! Where I live, they don't let your older children back to see you and the new baby because it's RSV season. I would have to be away from my daughter for Christmas. IF he just got me going a little bit and then I had her the day after Christmas or maybe the weekend after, I would be TOTALLY fine with that![/b]
OMG! Really? We had some many ppl in with my sister. In that case I really, really hope you don't on Christmas. That would upset me very much not see my daugther on Christmas.
Oh, any adult can come in to see you, but they don't allow any kids under the age of twelve back in the rooms. This is between the months of November and February I think.

Starry, I know! I keep thinking, what if I have my baby the same day Starry has her c-section? Wouldn't that be cool!?


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