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December 15th, 2007, 07:36 AM
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My nephew's name is Davin and everyone pronounces it right ... I guess that pronunciation might be a regional thing if everyone else is saying it with a long A. The only time anyone has assumed it was a typo, was on his insurance ... they thought he was David, Jr because his dad's name is David. Honest mistake. If my BIL had a different name, they probably would have gotten it right.

It's cute, but after seeing these responses, I think you'd have less trouble with Gavin as far as spelling and pronunciation. Gavin Thomas would be nice. Davin Thomas isn't bad either, just maybe annoying to spell and pronounce in your area.

I'd write it down and ask random people to say it while you're out and about one day, if you're comfortable talking to strangers! Then you could get a feel for how often it would be mispronounced.
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