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December 15th, 2007, 12:29 PM
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Thanks to everyone for your opinions. It is pronounced "Dav-in", not "Dave-in" at least that is the way we would use it. In responce to someone on here it is not a made up name it is in the baby books and on line. In my baby name book it means "Smart". When I found this name I didn't even think of it being like David. I was thinking of it as a mix between Gavin and Devin. I like the name Gavin but our last name starts with a "G" and it doesn't sound good together. As for Devin, it could be a girl name and I don't want to name my boy a name that could be a girl name. My sister grew up with a girl named Devin so I associate the name with that. Although my DH likes the name Devin for a boy he has never heard of it used as a girl name. I don't know, I am still up in the air about it. If there are any new people reading this I would still appreciate any input from you.

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