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December 16th, 2007, 02:10 AM
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If you had to name your kid after a famous singer/artist/band, what would you name them?[/b]
Miley cyrus
I love the name Miley!! I have never heard the girls music but every little girl i seem to know loves her
I like Miley too. I kinda like Marley as well. (I knew a cute lil girl who was Marley.)

I like Presley after Elvis (my grandma went out with him, so I'm partial)

I think the name Sinead pronounced (Shin-Aid) (Sinead O'Connors) is a pretty cool Irish name.

I also like Keane from band Keane.

DH loves Bing Crosby (think he wants to nickname our future son Bing. since I wouldn't let him name our son Bing)

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