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January 14th, 2005, 01:02 PM
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ok this is really retarded ---
I started bleeding just barly on monday.
Tuesday morning, i bleed through a "Regular" ob tampon in less than an hour, then not a lot afterwords
Wensday was not bleeding at all just really bad stomach ache.
Thursday bleed a little little bit
Friday [today] no bleeding

Now, we almost always use condoms, except on tuesday and thursday. I'm nore really freaking out but yet this is really wierd. My period has NEVER been only like basicly overnight [or 48 hours]. I am really confused right now :/ NOW, I know condoms arn't 100% effective, however, could not using anything on tuesday stop my period. OR did one of those condoms just not work? I'm supposed to start BC on sunday since I have been having really bad cramps, and my periods have never been regualar for the last 5 yrs [since I started having periods]. Any insite? Thanks!
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