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December 16th, 2007, 04:20 PM
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I dont mean to offend anyone, once someones "ruined" a name for me, I dont like the name, but wont judge anyone else I meet with that name. This is mostly "what I wont name my baby because...." list.

MINE (But I wont tell!! I hate hate hate hate it, and I think its a little girl name)
Makayla, Micheala (I dont care how its spelled, I hate the name. Ex roommates gf who was a psycho.....)
Belinda (not Linda though)
Ainsely (girl who was a major know the rest!! in high school)
Tiffany (I just hate it. No reason, just do)
Amanda (Wont go there)
Shannon (Known a couple girls that ruined this one)
Sophie (just plain old dont like its to "little girl" for me)
Shelby/Shiloh (I think of these as dogs names, sorry but I do )
Tina (not Christina)
Mackenzie (to 90's and trendy)
Rebecca/Becky (to many)
April (So called best friend that stabbed me in the back)
Brianna, Ava, Jen, Melissa, Sarah, Michelle (dont hate them, just waaaaaay to popular)
And any name that has had C's changed to K's, and I's to Y's to be "original"

Cory, Aaron (abusive men, should be in jail)
Scott (guy that sexually harrassed me at work)
Jack (just dont like it)
Mike/Chris/Daniel (WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY to many!!)
Raymond (not Ray)
Frank (just dont like it. And makes me think of Frank Zappa)

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