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December 17th, 2007, 05:17 PM
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Gotcha! Good luck putting it together! Hopefully you won't be doing it last minute. Good luck winning. That's a nice one!

So, I searched for bedding ideas....I think it would look adorable/cool if their rooms were different, so I didn't look at pink bedding (since most all is floral or butterflies and that's what your daughter's is) I found this 3 different bedding sets. I think they would look spectacular with the darker furniture.

So here's what I found....
1) from
I think the green and red are different and look neat. I think if you painted the walls a light green or a light shade of red like in the bedding, that would look nice.

2) from also
I like the look of the red bedding with the dark furniture. (This bedding is more solid than the first one)

3.) from (this one has some flowers/butterflies, so it would fit with the other room but would look different. just like your daughters, they would be related (like the butterflies on the bedding) but would probably look different (different hair or eyes, etc.)

4.) from I think pink and green would be another good choice of colors.

5.) from ebay

6.) from ebay

7.) from

9.) from ebay

10.) from ebay




I think ladybugs would be adorable. So you could have your lil butterfly and lil ladybug!

Some recommendations:

COLORS: (I suggest) red. pink and green. or purple. or yellow.

THEME: animals (jungle, bees, ladybugs, or teddy bears?), stripes or polka dots, even plain solid looks nice too.

WALLS: if you could I would paint them a color to match. If not I'd get a border or paint a border. And get nice picture frames and hang them on the wall.

LAYOUT: I think i'd put the crib on the wall where the bed/night stand is or in the corner behind the rocker on an angle. The rocker in the other corner on an angle.

If you can have your hubby make the bookcase that would be awesome! I'd put that next/near the rocker. And fill it with books and on top I'd put a cute lamp and some stuffed animals.

I think a layout like this would be awesome and work with the room.

search ebay for bedding, you can find new and barely used ones for great prices! I would leave that rocker in the room and get a huge solid color queen sized flat sheet that would match the bedding set you decided on to use as a cover. (Unless you plan on getting a new rocker/glider)

I would get some curtains that match for the windows.

What are you doing for a changing table? use your other daughters? just curious.

Good luck. Hope this helped! Don't forget to post finished pictures, I'd love to see them!

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