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December 17th, 2007, 05:39 PM
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As many of you know this was a very hard pregnancy (as well as trying to conceive these two little ones). But seeing their cute little faces every day makes it all totally worth it and if I know now what I do I still would have done it anyways.

I conceived the twins via IVF and 2 of my eggs were implanted back inside me on 2/24. My pregnancy test (blood drawn) appointment was for 3/8...but of course I could not wait that long so I took a HPT on 3/4 and it came back negative. I was a little upset but did not panic yet because I knew it was still early. So I took it again on 3/5 and it came back positive! I was ecstatic!!! I took another one on 3/6 just to make sure and that one came back positive as well! Then panic set in...I started spotting that afternoon. I called the doctor and they said if my HPT was positive it might just be implantation bleeding and they would no more once I come in for my blood test. So 3/8 rolls around and I have my blood drawn and get the results, it was another positive! The next day my spotting got heavier so the doctor did an u/s to see what was going on. That is where he saw two sacs but no heartbeats yet b/c it was still too early. He thought the bleeding may be one of the babies miscarrying So I was to just take the wait and see what happens approach. On 3/27 I went to lunch with my dad and DH and I went to use the bathroom. There I passed a clot the size of a baseball. I panicked and called the doctor and they told me to come right in and have an ultrasound. I thought I miscarried one or both the babies but when they did the ultrasound they found two little heartbeats! I was so surprised. They also found a subchorionic hematoma. I was turned over to my OB who scheduled ultrasounds to watch and make sure that the hematoma did not get any bigger. They were hoping that my body would just reabsorb it and also that it would not effect the babies. Well from 6 weeks till 20 weeks I would have heavy bleeding episodes (and I think I panicked every time! that and I was stupid and read about it on the internet and freaked myself out!). I was put on modified bed rest and taken out of work at 6 weeks.

Well once they bleeding stopped and I hit the half way mark other issues started. At 23 weeks I started having contractions that had to be stopped by terbutaline (this happened about 3 times). I was scheduled for NST's two times a week starting at 24 weeks. My cervix also shortened. Then I came done with GD. I also got PIH (pregnancy induced hypertension). At 30 weeks (4 days after my baby shower) I ended up in the hospital for 5 days b/c of contractions, raised BP, and a positive FFN test. Since my contractions started getting more frequent my OB but me on full bed rest and set me up with a home healthcare nurse and a terbutaline pump so I would not have to run up to L&D to be checked and monitored each time. Well that was good for about a week or so. At 32 weeks/3 days I was monitoring myself at home and I kept having contractions so the HHC nurse told me to take a bolis shot (bonus shot of terbutaline from the pump) and re-monitor. Well I did this 3 times. The nurse then told me to check my BP and it was high so she told me to go straight to L&D and she would tell them I am coming. Well… I had sent DH to the grocery store to do our "monthly" shopping and he was not getting a signal in the store so I called my dad to take me up to the hospital. He was so excited; he tells everyone he "got the call!" (LOL)

Well I went to the hospital on 9/20 and they brought me right back to an actual room instead of a monitoring room and said they would check me in and monitor me during the night and see what is going on with my contractions and BP. They started me on BP meds also. On Friday morning the doctor came and checked me and the contractions still have not caused me to dilate passed the 1-cm. So I thought I was going to get to go home. I called my DH and made sure he was not busy at work incase they released me b/c I needed a ride home. I also told my mom her and my dad were ok to go stay at their place on the beach for the weekend b/c I don't think I would be delivering the babies over the weekend. Well the doctor came and checked my contractions and BP and she said it was not going down so she was putting me on mag sulfate and I would have to stay. So I called back DH and said I was staying and told him to just come up after work and to bring me some stuff. Well after being on the mag sulfate my BP was still a little high and they were concerned I would seize or stroke out (scary!) so they scheduled me for a c-section at 3:00 pm that day (9/21). That threw me off. I was like "are you serious???" Am I suppose to call my family and husband to tell them. The doctor said yes, if I wanted them to be there. So I called DH and told him never mind, he didn't have to come after work...he needed to come right now! They were delivering me at 3:00 pm! I also called my mom and told her that her and dad should no longer go down to the beach. Everyone was surprised. So after I called everyone to come they started the mag sulfate. I was not aloud to eat or drink while on the mag so of course once they told me that I was dying of thirst and was starving! I was supposed to have my c-section at 3:00 pm but I kept getting pushed back b/c I guess there were other c-sections scheduled at that time. The NICU doctor came in and started telling me the procedure for babies born early and what will happen, etc. Just as she started talking to me my water broke. It felt like someone poured a huge bucket of water in my lap, I was completely soaked! The NICU doctor ran out and got the nurse and I was told it "was go time." I was bumped up right away (I guess the boys did not like the fact they weren't the priority).

So I get wheeled into the operating room and they placed the spinal (which I don’t really even remember feeling) and then DH came in. The doctor began the c-section and when the babies were being born the Anesthesiologist put up a mirror so I could see the babies being pulled out. At 4:17 pm out came Vaughan James and at 4:19 pm out came Jansen Ray! I just remembering thinking are those really my babies and what is with ALL that hair??? DH said they cried when they came out but I don't remember hearing them I do remember the nurse bringing the babies to me to kiss them good-bye and off they went to NICU. My whole family got to see the babies in NICU but I was unable to see them until I was off the mag I did not see my babies until 7:00 pm the next day. The mag sulfate was the worst part about the delivery...everything else seemed to go just fine.

So at 7:00 pm on 9/22 I got to see my babies and all I can remember thinking was I can’t believe they are finally here! It was a long hard road...but it was worth every minute! My babies are finally here!

On 10/1 I was released from the hospital. I had to stay because after they took me off the mag by BP sky rocketed! At one point it was up to 210/97. On 10/10 Vaughan came home and on 10/25 Jansen came home!

Sorry this is SOOOO long, but thanks for reading


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