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December 18th, 2007, 07:06 AM
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Are you/did you work while pregnant?

*Yep, I have worked with all 5 of them.

If so, did you need to change your job description? (ie were you unable to do certain parts of your job?)

*No, dont need to change it, just wont be able to count certain pills. For the most part I still do all that I usually do, but I wont carry anything heavy.

When will you/did you go on maternity leave?

*Ha, maternity leave?? Well, I work right up until I am due to go in for the c-section. With Mackenzie I will work up to the Friday before her section.

How long will you stay on maternity leave?

*Once again, HA! Actually, i usually take 2 weeks off, then go back and work about 4 hours a day. But I do get to bring the baby with me!!

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